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I'm Alyssa. My most common names are Lissa or Liss. I like those names. Who am I? I'm a seventeen girl that acts like a little kid. I am not afraid to admit that I can be immature at times. It's just who I am. I have many fandoms, yes. I am proud to be a fangirl at times. It's fun. I have amazing friends. We tell each other everything, we talk about everything. It's a good bond. My friends decribe me as : funny, animated, hopeless romantic, a real joy, amusing, different, friendly, and weird. I am not complaining. They hit me on the spot and even more. I am not like any other person in the world.
Music is my life. If I went deaf, I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't listen to music. I need it. I also need photography. It's the way I see the world. I may not be a good photographer, but I plan to grow and learn so I can get out of my small town to live in my dream place.
I am a writer. I write about love, and sometimes about lost. It's a thing I plan to pursue at one point in my life. I am mainly a dreamer, and that is what I will always be. No one can change that part of my life because I am born a dreamer.

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